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Odgen Valley Recreation/Transmission Special Services District
Utilize over-the-air antenna technology to deliver local television station broadcasts to residents of the Ogden Valley.
This website is provided as a public service by the Ogden Valley Recreation/Transmission Special Services District. The website is for information only and will be updated as volunteer resources allow.
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Channel & Broadcast Licensing
Due to circumstances beyond our control our last "analog" license has been eliminated. This resulted in a reduction of 3 channels. Our effective channel capacity has gone from 29 channels to 26 channels which resulted in the loss of KUEN, ION, and KBYU.
Board Member Opening
We have Board opening! Any Ogden Valley resident can join our Board. Apply through the Weber County Commissioners, or contact us at ogdenvalleytv@gmail.com
Official Statement
May 28, 2021

Weber County Ogden Valley Transmission/Recreation Special Services District also referred to as Ogden Valley Over-The-Air TV


We regrettably announce that program broadcasts on stations KBYU, KUEN, and ION are no longer available due to an FCC mandate that is beyond our control.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) dictates the rules, regulations, and licensing by which TV translators such as the Ogden Valley TV Board operate. As such, we are bound to follow the FCC's mandates.

Over the last few years, the FCC has been reorganizing broadcast licensing protocols and mandating all broadcasts convert from analog signal to digital signal. This process resulted in a reduction of Ogden Valley TV's channel capacity.

The TV Board has worked diligently to find an alternative solution, including contacting the FCC directly, consulting an attorney working with the FCC, and engaging in extensive communication with industry peers. In the end we were unable to find a viable way to keep the channel.

We apologize and ask for your understanding. The FCC currently has a moratorium on channel licensing, however, we will monitor the situation closely and take the initiative should the FCC open license applications. In the meantime, it may be possible to find these broadcasts on the internet.

Thank You,
Weber County Ogden Valley Transmission/Recreation Special Services District