Ogden Valley TV
Over -The - Air Television
Mission Statement
Odgen Valley Recreation/Transmission Special Services District
Utilize over-the-air antenna technology to deliver local television station broadcasts to residents of the Ogden Valley.
Why is over-the-air television important?
We provide a low-cost television option for those unable or unwilling to purchase a cable tv subscription, satellite service, or other pay-to-view network.

How does a resident connect to over-the-air tv?
The home needs to be within sight of the broadcast tower and requires a properly aimed and calibrated antenna.

Is there a cost, connection, fee, or subscription requirement?
Ogden Valley residents as collective group support over-the-air TV service through a $24 annual fee paid to Weber County.

What does it take to provide over-the-air television?
We have broadcast antennas mounted on the mountainside tower above Eden. We own an equipment building located at the base of the tower. The equipment is used to capture the hard-wired digital TV broadcast signals originating out of Salt Lake City and local universities. The equipment converts the wired signal to an over-the-air signal. The signal is broadcast from the tower antenna and is picked up by the home antennae (much like you would a radio station). The over-the-air broadcast signal is then converted by your television set and the end result is displayed as a TV program on your TV.

Who is responsible for all this?
The Ogden Valley Recreation/Transmission Special District is an all-volunteer organization operating under the direction of Weber County. The Board manages the business operations, ensures the delivery of the product, and develops sustainable practices. The Board provides support and oversight to the skilled technical volunteers whose demonstrated commitment to the residents of the Ogden Valley keep us "on the air".
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