Ogden Valley TV
Over -The - Air Television
Mission Statement
Odgen Valley Recreation/Transmission Special Services District
Utilize over-the-air antenna technology to deliver local television station broadcasts to residents of the Ogden Valley.
About Us
History of Ogden Valley TV
Ogden Valley TV was formed by a group of Ogden Valley residents sometime in the 1980's. It was ann volunteer effort and funded by asking for donations from local residents. A tower was funded and constructed at the present day location above Wolf Creek Resort.

Analog over-the-air channel broadcasts originating in Salt Lake City were transmitted from the antennae on Farnsworth Peak and easily reached the Salt Lake valley. However, the signal was impeded from reaching Ogden Valley by the mountains. The signal was captured by the tower on Mount Ogden and relayed to the tower above Wolf Creek.

More recently TV channels from Salt Lake City reach the Ogden Valley via fiber optic cable. The equipment was removed from Mt Ogden in 2019. In 2020 the equipment shed above Wolf Creek was replaced and equipment upgraded.